Transport Service

We provide the transport service, bringing the container onto your territory and later, once it’s full, also taking it away.

Transport Service

Puidukäitlus OÜ provides a transport service. We bring the container onto your territory for material storage and take the material to our storage site once it’s full.


  • Access and a load bearing surface must be provided for the truck.
  • Material that is to be taken away cannot be more than 5 m away from the lift’s loading reach.
  • The height of the loading zone must be at least 8 m (e.g., branches, powerlines, awnings, and other obstacles).
  • The branches, trunks, and stumps may not contain soil, stones, and other materials.
  • If required, the client must ensure road closures and required markings.
  • A deadheading fee is applied according to the pricelist. The minimum hourly fee applies if the previous points have not been fulfilled and the service cannot be provided.

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