Accepting waste

We handle and accept wood waste in all forms, following the principles of recycling and circular economy.

Accepting wood waste

We accept wood waste in all forms: useless/broken wooden crates, boards, etc. 

We accept wooden boards, wooden crates, planks, beams, stumps, branches, cutting waste, and other wooden materials.

We accept wooden waste for free, except for chemically processed material and stumps. The price of chemically processed material depends on the material. Please ask us for a quote.

The handling fee for stumps is EUR 20 per m3. We handle waste and do not deposit it in a landfill (polluting the environment). We sort the waste for you.

Puidukäitlus OÜ is a member of the Estonian Circular Economy Industries Association and Circular Economy Forum. We follow the principles of recycling and circular economy. We always find the best solution for you and we are approachable, flexible, and fast.


The recycling rate is a recycling target number for packaging waste established in the Packaging Act. We help packaging companies to achieve the packaging waste recycling target number established in the Packaging Act. Since 1 January 2009, the types of packaging material must be recycled within a calendar year at least in the following amounts:

  • 45% of the total weight of wood waste;
  • at least 60% of the total weight of packaging waste.

One obligation for a packaging company, arising from the Packaging Act, is keeping accounts for packages and packaging waste. Section 24 of the Packaging Act establishes what the company must keep a record of, which source documents should be collected, and for how long they should be stored. Upon the client’s request, we submit an appropriate report to the packaging register. The company can check on the submitting their details via the packaging register’s website. Bring your wood waste to us!

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